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Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND

Three Tips to Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean

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In most offices, there is a constant battle to keep the communal kitchen and break room clean. Often a source of frustration, a shared kitchen that is used constantly can be hard to keep up with. Follow these tips to keep your office kitchen cleaner!

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Your employees can’t clean up after themselves if they don’t have the right cleaning supplies. Make sure you have stock of paper towels, dish soap, sponges and cleaning sprays at the ready. Should spills happen, clean up is easy, and dirty dishes can quickly be washed before returning to storage. Don’t forget to include ample recycling bins and garbage cans so trash can quickly be properly disposed.

Invest in Storage

Storage is the key to keeping your office kitchen neat and tidy. With so many individual items around, reducing clutter can be challenging.

Make sure every item in your kitchen has a proper home, from paper towels and napkins to coffee, tea, cups, straws, lids and more. Consider labeling storage areas so everyone can clearly see where items should be returned post-use. Extra supplies can be stored in a nearby closet to reduce clutter in the main room.

Hire a Team of Professional Cleaners in Bismarck

Even if your employees are responsible and tend to clean up after themselves in the communal kitchen or break room, those spaces can hid lots of spills, smells and crumbs.

Our professional cleaners in Bismarck come equipped with the right products and the right training to keep your kitchen or break room clean and fresh from the floors to the ceiling.

We go beyond when it comes to keeping your facility clean. From choosing the best disinfectants and sanitizers to taking a detail-oriented approach, we help your communal spaces look their best. Reach out to Progressive Maintenance today to schedule your free quote!