Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND
Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND

Is Cleaning Your Own Facility Worth It?

Cleaning is a necessary task for any facility, but it also presents various risks, especially in business and office settings. If you’re assigning major cleaning tasks to your employees, you may be putting your entire organization at risk. These are just some of the liabilities and hazards you can avoid by instead working with a contract cleaner in Bismarck:

Liability Insurance Requirements

Whether various employees are performing cleaning duties or you have a full-time custodian, you must consider certain liability risks. These apply to potential visitors as well as your workers. When you work with a contract cleaning service, we make sure to display proper signage, take all necessary safety precautions and have proper liability coverage in case, for example, a visitor slips and falls in a freshly-mopped area.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires facilities to be clean, serviceable and sanitary. To accomplish this, some industries may need toxic cleaning chemicals that can cause health issues like lung damage, skin irritation or eye problems if not handled properly. Storing and using these chemicals requires extensive knowledge, and a contract cleaning company like ours understands these protocols and can help keep your facility OSHA compliant.

Decreased Productivity

Any time you take employees away from their regular functions to clean, morale and productivity go down. When employees are doing cleaning tasks, they have less time to perform their normal duties, making it more cost-effective to outsource cleaning in your facility.

To avoid these risks while keeping your facility clean, sanitary and safe, contact us today to schedule a consultation!