Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND
Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND

Retail Cleaning Services in Bismarck Make Restrooms Shine

How do you know if a retail store hires a professional cleaning service?

You’ll know as soon as you walk in the doors.

The windows are shinier, their restrooms cleaner, their floors aren’t marred by dirt and debris, and the people shopping are happier. Simply put, stores serviced by professional cleaners in Bismarck are in tiptop shape.

Here’s how we do it:

Professionally-Trained Cleaning Teams

Have you tasked your retail employees with cleaning after-hours? At the time, you probably pictured your staff happily cleaning the toilets, mopping the floors and polishing the restroom sinks in an effort to make your store look its best. In reality, one of your staff likely swiped a towel over the counters once, missing that pool of soap that always seems to appear under the dispenser. They probably jabbed a brush in the toilet a few times, swept the floor then called it a job well done.

When a shopper visits the restroom the next day, will that level of cleanliness impress? Remember that 95% percent of shoppers say that condition of a store’s restrooms is a leading indicator of whether or not they will return. Now how do you feel about that level of cleanliness?

Your employees work hard at their jobs all day, and their job isn’t to clean the restrooms. They excel at customer interactions, managing inventory, setting up shop and connecting shoppers with your products. They didn’t sign up for cleaning the restrooms, and they simply aren’t trained in the best ways to make your space shine. Our professional cleaning teams are dedicated to just that — in no time, we can make your restrooms shine and ensure that you’ll never lose a customer because of dirt, debris or grime in your facility. When you leave the job to us, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that the job was truly well done.

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