Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND
Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND

As coronavirus cases in North Dakota continue to rise, we are reminded once again of the importance of doing everything we can to reduce transmission. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing masks and using every cleaning tool and technique available to create safer, healthier spaces.

The most powerful tool in our arsenal here at Progressive Maintenance is the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer. This tool allows us to effectively and efficiently disinfect every hard surface in your facility quickly and safely.

What makes electrostatic spraying so effective?

Disinfectant kills viruses and bacteria, but only on the surfaces it directly touches. Think about disinfecting with a traditional spray bottle method: you spray the solution on a surface, say a countertop, wait for the dwell time to pass, then wipe the solution away. Many bacteria and viruses are killed, but what about that little section you missed with the spray bottle? What about that little nook or crevice that wasn’t penetrated by the solution? Those areas remain laden with viruses and bacteria because again, disinfectant only works on the surfaces it directly touches.

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer changes everything. Using innovative technology, this tool breaks down droplets of disinfectant into even smaller droplets, and it charges them as they leave the sprayer. This propels the disinfectant droplets to surfaces and ensures the most even, thorough coverage. The droplets are effectively wrapped around the target surfaces, allowing us to disinfect even the smallest nooks and crannies.

With the aid of electrostatic sprayers, our professional disinfection service in Bismarck can effectively and efficiently disinfect your entire space using less chemicals and in less time than with traditional methods. This service is ideal for any public space, including:

• Work stations

• Payment centers

• Break rooms

• Trains, buses and planes

• Classrooms

• Gyms

• Healthcare centers

• Office settings

• High touch-points in any facility, in any industry

If you are worried about coronavirus and flu in your facility, contact Progressive Maintenance today to schedule our professional disinfection services in Bismarck by calling 701-255-3194.