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Call 701-255-3194 for quality cleaning from floor to ceiling in Bismarck and Mandan, ND

Carpet Cleaning Services in Bismarck Reduce Dust Mites, Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Carpet cleaning services in Bismarck to reduce dust mites

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you aren’t alone: as many as 50 million people in the United States share these conditions according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation. The trigger for these allergies is often a teeny-tiny culprit – the dust mite.

What are dust mites?

You can’t see dust mites with the naked eye because they only measure about 1/3 millimeter, but their presence can wreak havoc on your allergies. These small white bugs live for about two to four months, but just one single female dust mite can lay an astonishing hundred eggs during that short lifetime. Multiplying rapidly is their strong suit, and they feed on the microscopic flakes of skin that we shed all day long.

What’s the connection between dust mites and allergies?

Dust mites themselves don’t actually cause allergies, but their fecal matter does. It contains a protein that can aggravate allergies, and to get relief, you have to remove the droppings and kill dust mites to prevent them from producing more.

How does carpet cleaning eliminate dust mites?

Carpet fibers are the perfect environment for trapping the dead skin cells dust mites love to eat. Our professional carpet cleaning services in Bismarck are a must for controlling, eliminating and preventing dust mites.

Regular vacuuming can help reduce both the skin cells that dust mites eat and the allergy-causing droppings they produce. However, vacuums can only go so far when it comes to eliminating dust mites: as many as 95% can survive even after a good vacuuming. They burrow deep into carpet fibers where only a deep professional cleaning can reach them.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year is the solution. We use steam and hot water to reach deep into carpet fibers and eliminate dust mites, skin cells and contaminants. This allows us to successfully eliminate the number of dust mites in your facility and reduce allergies and symptoms of asthma.

Clean carpets and clean air are important for any facility. Contact Progressive Maintenance today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning service in Bismarck!